Mar 10, 2010

A City's Plea

(Wrote this after the terror attack in Mumbai.. The attack in Pune and subsequent warnings of fresh attacks sent a chill through me..)

My child
Hear me out

Every time there is a flood
Every time there is a riot
Every time there is an attack
My child
I hurt

I hold the countless injured
Trying to offer them comfort
As I hear their cry of pain
Searing my heart, my very core
My child
My tears flow

I see the countless bodies
Strewn everywhere
As I see the destruction
Enveloping me
My child
I shiver

A new incident
Every few days
A new wound
With every blow
My child
I bleed

I am shattered
I am bruised
My wounds have festered
Help me my child
I can take it no more

When will you stop hurting me
When will you wipe my tears
When will you stop my flow of blood
My child I beg of you
Hurt me no more

Don’t tend to my wounds
But stop inflicting fresh wounds
Don’t cry over what happened
But don’t let these blows be struck again

Help me my child
I need you
I live in you
You live in me

Help me my child
I need you
I live in you
You live in me


swapnanjali said...

So nicely expressed cause and remedies together...i like it ..

the-silhouette said...

We bleed with you,
your pain, we feel it too...
someday it'll stop, this destruction,
all thats mounting in, is frustration...

thats a good one...true to the very core...

The Silhouette...

magiceye said...


Dave King said...

Very impressive poem, but what is even more impressive is the fact that you tackled it. I liked the blog and was particularly taken with the heading. It is both attractive and compelling.

Brosreview said...

Excellent! You've managed to touch the core of emotions here. I particularly like the repetition in the end. It is so touching!

If you have the time, do read my lyrics, "Take me Home" and "Endless Mess".

Keep writing!!!

IdleMind said...

This is such a befitting tribute to the spirit of those who would never return for us. You write poetry so well, do keep writing ... and expressing your feelings.

IdleMind said...
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Tongue Trip said...

imploring and reminding. eloquent.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

It seems like Mother Earth is talking to her children imploring to stop all this cruelty meted out towards humanity. I like the wholesome approach you have taken here. It is quite normal to write, biased towards your own people. But, you have portrayed it such that all lives are important. That is something amazing and that shows the kind heart you have.

Sam!! said...

Very well expressed.. Thanks for sharing Nikki.. :))


Gyanban said...

Beautiful, very well written,pain and loss were expressed clearly,and overall it made for a splendid reading.

Anonymous said...

dats really a beautiful expression on the pain !!! wonderfully written :)