Jan 14, 2010

Glimmer of Hope

The call of the sea
Beckons the lonely soul
The cool embrace
A soothing balm
Tears unshed
Freely flows
Swirling waves
Gather in its fold.

Oh, how I long
To let go
The misery
The pain
The sleepless nights
But the mind refuses
And plays tricks
Memories sweet
Flicker through
Shackles tighten
Around the weak heart.

The envoys of the seas
Gently persuades
The graceful movement
The music of their footsteps
A promise......
To safeguard
To care
To heal.

Palms open
Offering the remains
Shattered pieces
Of a once loving heart
Watching it gathered
In the loving embrace
The sea smiles
And nudges ashore
The liberated soul
A glimmer of hope
In the unburdened palms.

Jan 7, 2010

And It Rained...

The park was deserted except for the girl in bridal finery who sat in the corner, a faraway look in her eyes, a palm clenched tight. Twilight had given way to twinkling stars. The moon spread its luminescent glow over the landscape as the gentle breeze caressed her cheek like a lover. But the turmoil in her mind refused to subside. She sat still, waiting, what for, she knew not.

Scenes after scenes flashed across her eyes. She dressed up radiating happiness, the shrill ring of the phone, the stiff voice of the caller, her race to the house, gathering of people, whisperings dying on her arrival, the wait, arrival of the ambulance, the body shrouded in white laid down on the cold ground, his boyish face uncovered - smiling even in death.

She had sat through the rites in stony silence, no tears in her eyes. After the rites, she had slowly walked away from the crowd. Her legs moved on their own and she found herself in the park, a place where they spent time, talking, arguing, building their dream nest. She opened her palms, the little vial beckoning her.

A whining sound broke her reverie. She turned towards the sound. A little pup was trying to snuggle upto to its mother, who lay motionless. All her bottled emotions erupted as rivulets of tears streamed across her cheeks. She lay on the ground crying her heart out.

Slowly she walked towards the pup and picked it. He struggled to get out of her grasp but she held, firmly but gently. Her hand caressed her stomach feeling the life growing inside her “Forever together” she whispered to the two lives she carried and walked out of the park. The first drop of rain splattered on her head. She looked heavenwards and smiled.

Even the Gods approved.

Jan 1, 2010

New Year - A Hope

Chime of the midnight clock

Happiness all around

The air reverberates

With cheer and hope

Hope for a better tomorrow

Prayers for a peaceful future

Wishes for prosperity and good health

Resound with renewed fervour

Anticipation all around

Optimism at its peak

Lessons from past mistakes

A beacon in the sea

Dare I hope

With the history behind us

History of mistakes

Retold time and again

But hope keeps us going

We all know

So keep the despair aside

And step into a new day

With renewed dreams and aspiration.

Happy New Year to All My Friends :)