Jan 14, 2010

Glimmer of Hope

The call of the sea
Beckons the lonely soul
The cool embrace
A soothing balm
Tears unshed
Freely flows
Swirling waves
Gather in its fold.

Oh, how I long
To let go
The misery
The pain
The sleepless nights
But the mind refuses
And plays tricks
Memories sweet
Flicker through
Shackles tighten
Around the weak heart.

The envoys of the seas
Gently persuades
The graceful movement
The music of their footsteps
A promise......
To safeguard
To care
To heal.

Palms open
Offering the remains
Shattered pieces
Of a once loving heart
Watching it gathered
In the loving embrace
The sea smiles
And nudges ashore
The liberated soul
A glimmer of hope
In the unburdened palms.


simply me said...

gives a wonderful glimmering hope...amazing.. :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

The sea seems a place where a lot of people find solitude among the mob and freshness of thoughts in the noise. The contemplation has been brought out so nicely I was into the thought process visualizing it all. When the mind feels fresh and there is freshness of thoughts a glimmer of hope is always there to find.

swapnanjali said...

Hope is something which make us move forward...this word is magical one, nicely expressed.Yes hope ans promise
are twin sister i hope :)

Sam!! said...


Thanks for being at my page.. hope to hv u again in there.. :))


Gyanban said...

well written...good choice of words..

Nikki... said...

@ Simply me - Thanks.. Glad that you liked it:)

@Vittal - You are so right.. The sea does bring a lot of freshness into our thoughts.. Its one place where I find solitude and companionship. Its a place where memories of the past merge with dreams of a future..

@Swapna : Yes. Hope and promise are definitely twin sisters :)

@Sam : Thanks dear

@Gyanban : Thanks

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. The sea has a way of soothing a troubled mind and inspiring us to look beyond the pain, towards the waiting horizon.

magiceye said...

beautiful imagery

the-silhouette said...

Like VP said, the sea brings many a emotions to many a soul...the tranquility of the silence is jus amazing...the verses flow...freely, jus like the waves of the ocean, uneven, yet in a pattern...

The Silhouette...

Brosreview said...

Breathtakingly brilliant! I am not quite sure on how I missed this one.

I love the sea myself. A nice place to contemplate and even self-reflect.

Keep on writing!!!

PS: To understand my recent songs, you might want to read the entire album titled "Oblique". You will find it under the labels section.

Nikki... said...

@the-silhouette - Thanks for the visit.. Am glad you liked it :)

@BR - Thanks Ajey.. Will surely read it :)

Shadow said...

perfectly peaceful, lovely writing!

Nikki... said...

@ Shadow - Thanks dear :)