Aug 13, 2015

Happy Anniversay, Sunshine

“Wake-up” She called softly, her hands caressing his hair, fingers soothing the lines on his forehead.  He snuggled deeper into the blanket, pulling the pillow closer, smiling.  Leaning down, she kissed his forehead, her lips lingering on his skin as she wrapped her arms around him gently.  She inhaled his scent, her entire being craving for him.
She whispered in his ears "Yours till eternity" and got up from the bed. With a soft smile at the sleeping figure she walked out of the bedroom.  In the kitchen, she stared at the contents in the refrigerator, her fingers curling around the carton of milk- his breakfast.  Closing the door, she leaned back against it, her thoughts in turmoil.  She made her way back to the bedroom and onto the small terrace – her sanctuary- smiling at the sight of dark red roses in full bloom.  As her fingers caressed the soft bloom, she heard the bathroom door open and turned to see him step out of the bathroom.  Watching as he dressed, she took a step forward, wanting to touch him, but stopped when he flipped open his wallet. A gentle smile played on his lips as he looked inside.  Eyes filled with love he raised the wallet to his lips, kissing it tenderly, before putting it in his pocket. Picking up his bag he turned towards the door when she called him.  He paused with his hand on the knob, but shook his head slowly and walked away without a backward glance. Hand stretched to touch him, she listened to his footsteps fade as the front door opened and closed, the sound of the car announcing his departure.
Walking into the room, she picked up the discarded shirt and pulling it over, lay on the bed, hugging the pillow.  Her eyes fell on the side table and she stilled.  Happiness and sorrow coursed through her.  Placed on the table were three dark red roses – his way of saying “Together till eternity” – entwined with her wedding ring and a hand painted card, placed in front of her garlanded photograph.  The words on the card read “I feel your presence every moment – Happy Anniversary, Sunshine”