Aug 10, 2010


(For the past few months, I just can't seem to write anything.. Guess personal problems and stress is causing this block.. Was going through an old diary and found these lines, which was penned by me, some times back.. The restlessness that I mentioned is what I am feeling.. I just hope.....)

The curtains sway in a gentle rhythm
To the soft whisperings of the wind
I wrap my arms around me and close my eyes
As the fragrance of past memories, bitter and sweet
Caress my restless soul.

Reels after reels of serial called “Life”
Scroll on the screen of my mind
The day I hurt a friend
The moment I brought a smile on a face
The feeling of helplessness, when I saw my loved ones in pain
The joy I felt as I reached my goal
A smile here, a frown there
Anger and calm intermingled
Each emotion a new episode.

As I felt myself being pulled,
Into the labyrinth of memories
I ask myself “Would I want it any other way”
“Is there something that I would like to change?”
Deep within me a voice answered,
“Things are as should have been
Coz without them you would not be the same.”


The Silhouette said...

Hey Nikki,
i was actually wondering where you are...
sometimes we wish we could change a few things in life, but, as you very well said, things are better left untouched, they are meant to be the way they are...there is a reason for what happened, and what would happen...
i once told my best friend that i love her...she said, she loves me too...i jus stared at her. then she said, she wants me to listen to a song.."Humne dekhi hai in aankhon ki mehekti khushboo"...

Life is a journey...

I luvd your lines...

The Silhouette...

IdleMind said...

The day we try to change our life will be the most insensitive one too. The changes, the ups and downs, and the ever evolving life does have a blend of adventure that we all love to admire.

Writing block goes away with time, but the life keeps moving on.