Oct 23, 2009

Someday….. (Soliloquy of an Autistic child)

You smile
I gaze
You laugh
I stare
You reach out to me
I turn around
Your words confuse me
Loud sounds scare me
You don’t understand

Your anxiety
When I fall
Your concern
When I don’t react
Your words
“Are you hurt”
The wetness in your eyes
Your holding me close
I don’t understand

I turn away
To familiar grounds
To my toys
To my window
You will understand
And so will I


I am Alive said...

I think, everyone goes through this confusion..
Just follow your heart & stretch out your arm to that person....

Tongue Trip said...

my eyes turned misty reading this. i will not call this beautiful or moving because i know it is way beyond that. i adore this girl, i even made a portrait of her and put on my blog. you reminded me of her in this scrap. :)

IdleMind said...

You teased my brain with this one! how we can express for a child who has difficulty in expressing.

This one is not only expressive, it's powerfully expressive in its feelings!!

Nikki... said...

I am Alive - Thanks for the visit.. Following ones heart and reaching out is the best way..

Tonguetrip - Thank you for the warm words.. And yes have seen the portraits (sketches).. If I have to put a face, then it would be the little girl..

Idle - Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. I know I have not been able to do full justice, but just tried to convey the feelings.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Very nice and very touching. It is beyond me to express my emotions in words. Each sentence is so beautifully crafted that it moves the heart. Thank you for blessing us with such wonderful poetry.

Of course, thank you for your visit to my blog. I believe we can visit each other often. Cheers.

Nikki... said...
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Nikki... said...

Vittal - Thanks for dropping by and also for the encouraging words. Am happy that you liked the verses.. :)

Tongue Trip said...

thanks nikki, i came here expecting a new post. :(
and about the little girl's portrait, yes she is the one.

swapnanjali said...

yes this the real thoughts ...beautifully expressed by using few words...yes sometime silence speaks a lot and sometime we just want our loved one should get our inner thoughts without asking them...but what to do ...this is called life

Nikki... said...

Thanks Swapnajali - glad you liked it.. I just hope more and more people understand silence :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Its beautiful.. Touched my heart... can i share this on my blog pls???

the-silhouette said...

truly perfect...there jus cant be enough words to fully appreciate the lines penned here...
to be honest, am speechless....nothing can be more beautiful...the reason i say this is, a person can express ones feelings, but putting in words the thoughts of someone and that too with perfection aint easy....

keep writing...i loved this one...

The Silhouette...

Brosreview said...

The variety you provide your readers to read is highly commendable. Good on you!

There is this sadness in this piece. But, you have been crafty here to not let the sentiments overpower this piece.

Good take!