Dec 21, 2009

The Unborn

Vacant stare
Tearless eyes
Numbing stillness
Suffocating darkness
Creeping emptiness
Departing soul.

Sobbing sounds
Silence shattered
Innocent voice
Incoherent words
Growing clear.

Why mom-
Am I unloved?
Why mom-
Cant I see your world?
Why mom-
Did you let me go?
Why mom why
Why did I have to die?

Voices fades
Unnerving quiet descends
The ugly truth lingers
An innocent life
Silenced Forever.


IdleMind said...

OMG, this was just a cruel loss ... were you thinking of an unborn dying naturally?

Or is it your crusade against abortion? whatever may be the cause, your style of economically expressing with words were awesome.

Nikki... said...

Thanks dear for your encouraging words. I am glad that I was able to convey my feelings to some extent thru the words.. Its a cry against abortion, particulary when its a result of the parents carelessness.

Brosreview said...

I must confess that, very rarely I've come across blogs where the first ever post I read blows me away and makes me an instant fan.

Precise and shattering phrases used here! Well done!

Keep writing!!!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

So much said in so little words! Drives home the point instantly and hits hard. Beautifully done. My sympathies are with all the unborn. I can only say, "Please stop this injustice and cruelty". But my voice is muffled by the noises of the biased and cruel minds of the society. I hope we wake up soon.

Anonymous said...

heart touching kill and unborn life is a sin and crime
but in cases where the life of this one will become meaningless once he grows up then it is better to end it in the budding stage.
exceptions are always there
otherwise it should not be encouraged

Nikki... said...

@Brosreview - Thanks for dropping by and the words of encouragement. It means a lot to me that my fellow bloggers and friends like my writing.. I am just trying to put in words somethings that I strongly feel about and some things from my personal experience..

Thank you once again and hope to receive more critical reviews so that I can improve :)

@Vittal - I know the society is biased but then someone has to raise a voice, not that it would do any good.. We are blinded by our own insecurities and our fears.. I don't know if we will ever wake up..

@Anju - I agree that there are some circumstances when it becomes necessary.. I am not against that, but am against where the reasons are social biases and carlessless..

Gyanban said...

As harsh as it might sound - sometimes I guess it is for the good.
The trouble is what is good today can be bad tomorrow...or the reverse.

Brosreview said...

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Naresh said...

Hi, it's a well-communicated voice against abortion. Incidentally, it reminds me of a letter published in a chandigarh (or was it Jalandhar)based newspaper where the writer had given vent to her anguish against the female foeiticide. This became a very powerful voice and sparked a debate and resulted in a play being written on the subject. I can't recall the names. incidentally, apropos your blurb of October, i could see ur home page on ibibo as i clicked sandy. So is it mostly poetry here? i haven't been finding it easy to resume. i just logged in to send a b'day wish to inktank when i saw your blurb and this link of yours here. All the best!

Nikki... said...

@ Gyanban : Thanks for the visit.. I agree with you to some extent.. Its for good if no bright future is foreseen for the child.. but if the basis is discrimination, social biases or carelessness, then I am not for it..

Nikki... said...

@Naresh : Good to see you here.. Not very specific as to what I am posting, some subjects that I strongly feel about.. It just that it took the form of poem :)

Even I have not been able to write as regularly as I would like to, but am trying :).. Hope to see you more often :)

magiceye said...


Nikki... said...

Thanks magiceye :)

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