Sep 5, 2009

A Moments Respite

Standing at the window, cool breeze caressing my face
I ponder about life and where it is taking me
As I lean against the wall, taking in the gentle waft
My eyes fall on the reflection in the windowpane.
A stranger with lost and vacant look
Stared at me from the glass
As I gazed mindlessly, into eyes devoid of life and charm
Realisation struck – the stranger was me.

I try to shake of the feeling of melancholy
But cheer plays hide and seek as it eludes me
I switch on the TV and pretend to concentrate
But the light and figures does not mean anything.
As I watch the screen with unseeing eyes
I find the noose of miserable thoughts tightening around me.
Happiness looks like a distant destination
The journey towards it-long, tiresome and lonely.

My eyes fall on the packet of cigarettes someone left behind
And I remembered the days when cigarette was a part of me
My hand reached for it, but a promise made to a friend flashed by
A promise made a long time ago, maybe in my past life.
Brushing the thought aside, I lit the cigarette and inhaled
A funny feeling, a feeling of being watched
Inhaled again and all was well
Uneasiness took flight, calm settled in.
I know it’s a delusion and will not last long
But a moments respite- That’s all I crave for.


Tongue Trip said...

thanks nikki, your comment warmed my heart and i see youre new around here and probably im the first person to post a comment here. lucky me. enjoy the writers ride. tata and cheers!

workhard said...

Smoke your depression away!!!!!

Sometimes i do that.. helps me....

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Nikki... said...

Tonguetrip - Thanks a tonne for the warm welcome.

Nikki... said...

Workhard - Thanks for dropping by. I don't know how long it will help, but sometimes its a way out :)

IdleMind said...

I just dropped by ... following a trail. Loved this fascinating narration in verse.

Do you regularly write poems? I mean, you should.

I am Alive said...

Love your words... on your this blog & on mine too :) Keep it gal...
Thanks for generous comments.. And keep visiting...

Nikki... said...

Idle - Thanks for dropping by and your warm comments..

I am Alive - Thank you for your visit and kind words.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Hey Nikki,
This is my first at your blog. Reading your posts has brought to me a lot of tranquility. I like this piece. The retrospection is unmistakable; because every normal being does this. Nostalgia sets in, longing for something or someone always keeps us distant from the beckoning hustle and bustle of life. I could relate to this totally when in solitutde I would sit with myself and contemplate, introspect or just let the retrospective play me a flashback.


P.S.: Just a humble request. Please add the Followers widget, would you? I would like to follow your works.

Brosreview said...

Ah! Nikki, this is just beautiful! This is more prose in poetry.

Again, I am asking you to read my personal favorite lyrics titled "Change".

I have a strong feeling you will feel the deep sentiments in it.

Keep writing!!!