Sep 4, 2009

A Stranger is Born...

Lying down on the bed
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Silent sobs echoes around the room
No words escape my lips
As I raise my eyes to look at the sky
To seek you among the twinkling stars.

I cry for your comforting presence
I cry for your soothing words
I cry for you
Because you were my comfort
You were my rock
Your presence kept me alive
Even in the darkest moment.

I am sorry I let you down
I did not know I am so weak
Your love and care nurtured me
Your absence tortured me
But I still held on
Till I could bear no more
And break I did
In my weakest moment
Never to recover.

My desires are dead
My hopes no longer alive
I am waiting
Waiting for release
Release from this misery I feel
Release from this pain I bring to my loved ones
Release from everything around me
Release from my very being.

As the pain and hurt buried deep inside
Flows out every night
A part of me drains out.
As my soul mingles with the tears
A stranger is born
A stranger, you nor I recognize
A stranger who will live within me
Forever and ever..


workhard said...

Hey that is nice....

filled with a lot of intense emotions..

Breakup can be so damaging..

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IdleMind said...

Thanks for dropping by! and I re-read this poem which I loved the most ... but then you have just begun. Will wait for the next poem, but when will that be? :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

wow!.. I am in love with ur poetry! :)

shashank said...


Brosreview said...

Other than the line "You were my rock", this piece is very touching!

Hmm, I am tempted to suggest you to read my lyrics titled, "Knowingly Unknown".

Keep writing!!!